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Asthma Videos


All children, regardless of age, should use a spacer with their asthma inhalers. This is because spacers maximize the amount of medicine that reaches the child’s lungs. As a result, the medication is much more effective. Our office is stocked with spacers, ask your pediatrician for one when you are here.


This video demonstrates how to use a SPACER WITH A MASK (This is for young children who are less than 8 years old). This video is a cartoon that may help children understand why the spacer is needed.


This video demonstrates how to use a SPACER WITHOUT A MASK (For older children who are able to hold their breath for at least 10 seconds).


Allergies and Epipens

Children with severe allergic reactions may need to use an Epipen, but it’s important that you use it correctly. Watch this video to learn more.